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How to Get More Coaching & Consulting Clients: A Growth Hacker Shares His Secrets


How To Get More Coaching & Consulting Clients: A Growth Hacker Shares His Secrets

In this guide, you’re going to learn proven methods to get more coaching & consulting clients through automated growth marketing which allows you to leverage your relationships and expertise to get more high ticket clients and customers. 

While we’ll be focusing on how coaches and consults can get clients, this process actually works for any business because of its focus on putting your service or product in front of the people who are ready to buy. 


You Don’t Need To Be Technical

You don’t need to be extremely technical, as we’ll go from low-tech to marketing automation processes that anyone who can use a web browser can do. 

When you use these proven growth accelerator methods to get more clients, you’ll save more time, spend less money to acquire a customer, and have more freedom to deliver on your product or manage your business.

The Client Acquisition Myth

Depending on what you’ve read, who you’re listening to, which guru is talking in your ear, you’ll find a lot of hot inspiring ideas to get referrals, to own your niche, to convert 30% of the people you talk to ideas, with little actionable ideas behind it. 

These folks you might see in your newsfeed on Facebook and Linkedin are usually hyper-focused on a specific process or niche that ignores the most important part about getting more clients.

They might say that you should do any of the following:

  • Facebook Ads, they’re so hot right now and it’s working
  • Create unique business cards to be unique
  • Want to be rich, dreams to be rich, create vision boards
  • Do more webinars
  • Master your referral process
  • Put up a website with this specific landing page software
  • Make the button red on your website
  • Say this question when you starting your client session
  • Show fancy cars and exotic pictures on your social media feed
  • And tons of other things

Usually what they are telling you to do is what they are selling, and at the end of the day is only a tiny piece of the puzzle of getting clients. 

They ignore the most important part that gets coaching and consulting client to give you money and keep being your client.

The Most Important System To Get More Coaching & Consulting Clients

This is the piece which is most important to your business that people just don’t get right because no one talks about it, and people spend too much time trying the latest hottest techniques. 

It’s the frictionless way to get that cold traffic and lead, to become a hot lead and then to convert them into a buyer. 

The client acquisition system that converts the cold traffic from SEO, your emails, ads, referrals into clients & customers who keep coming back. 

You need to use something called a Growth Loop, and this specific Growth Loop (there are dozens) called The Process. 

Before we jump into The Process and how to use it, let’s talk about Growth Loops. 

Growth Loops That Converts Traffic Into Clients

In the growth marketing world, we use something called a Growth Loop for all aspects of marketing and experiments we run to grow our customer base consistently and in an automated way.

When you see a company that goes from start-up to public or getting acquired like AirBNB, Dropbox, Lyft, Uber, Beyond Meat, these guys consciously use Growth Loops all over their businesses to grow their revenues 5, 10, 25, 50 or hundreds of percent per month consistently

A Growth Loop is a process that potential buyer goes through to become a buyer and to bring more buyers into a business. 

Most gurus and other people out there are trying to teach you 1 out of 4 steps in a Growth Loop by saying you should use Facebook Ads or Google Ads. 

They might lightly show you another step in the Growth Loop, but at the end of the day, their main goal is usually for you to rely on them for as long as possible so your Lifetime Value is higher and higher for their business. 

Our goal here at is that you don’t need us to grow your business forever, we want to empower you and your team with proven growth marketing frameworks that consistently deliver customer and revenue to your business on autopilot 24/7. 

Let’s jump into the process and see how you can use it in your business. 

"The Process" Growth Loop To Get More Customers & Clients

The Process Growth Loop How To Get More Coaching & Consulting Clients

"The Process" Growth Loop grows business 25-50% or more month over month

The process is a set of 4 steps that you follow from step 1 to step 4 and repeat for your business to help you grow your revenue month over month. 

The four steps are:

  • Message
  • Conversion
  • System
  • Scale

This is the process you need to follow to get your ideal high ticket & value clients and customers to convert into repeat buyers. 

If you skip any step, you’ll find that you won’t have a consistent flow of clients month over month, and many times businesses shrink or shut down because of the reliance on someone hopefully finding their business.

A marketing company/agency or in-house marketer are NOT equipped to plan and build this system for you. 

It’s a very involved process and usually, you, the person who is fulfilling on the product or running the business or creating the offers is the best person equipped to build this client acquisition system. 

Let’s jump into each step and how you can craft a system that converts clients 24/7. 

"The Process" Growth Loop

The Message

Your message is the most important step. 

It’s the step that determines if someone buys or someone ignores you completely. 

If you make your message too broad, you won’t get a lot of buyers.

If you make your message too specific, you’ll alienate a lot of buyers.

Your message isn’t just an elevator pitch, it isn’t a blog article, it isn’t a sales page, it’s that message that you continually say over and over in different ways which appeal to your audience. 

You’ll use your messaging over and over from your website to your landing pages, to your videos, to start converting your potential client into a paying client through your conversion process which we’ll cover next. 

Position Your Message

The most important position of your message is that it needs to speak directly to the need and want of the client you most desire. 

For example, if you’re a keto health and fitness coach and you tell people that putting butter in their coffee is beneficial for their health, most people will not care at all. 

The person who wants to go on keto wants to lose weight, wants to feel sexy and great about themselves, they want to fit into that dress or pants that they haven’t been able to wear for years. 

You could and should also talk about the biggest mistakes most people make when start keto, that’s both counter-intuitive and useful.

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The Conversion

Depending on who you’re talking to, the conversion can be called a funnel, sales process, buyer's journey, even a Growth Loop, and many other things.

This is a very important process and usually what is skipped over by a majority of the gurus out there.

The way I like to explain it is, your offer, whatever you are selling that provides value for clients, is your house, and a conversion system is a door to your house.

The more doors you have to your house, the more paths different types of customers have to get into your house, your offer to buy.

Dropbox's Growth Loop

Let’s use Dropbox, a file syncing and sharing service.

Their product is their file syncing and sharing service where your files get uploaded to the internet. 

One Growth Loop or Conversion process they used to get you to become a customer is when your friend or colleague shared a file via Dropbox and you had to sign up to see the file or download it. 

And then in their process, they also got you to install their software on your computer for seamless syncing and then they even got you to install it on your phone so you can access it anywhere. 

Previously they’d offer more space when you share a file and refer people, something that makes their software more and more valuable as more people join. 

They’d also give you more space for doing certain actions like sharing on social media platforms. 

The more invested you got into their service, the more likely you would use it and as you used it more, you’d likely need to upgrade to get more space. 

And when you take certain actions, they’d know you’re likely going to upgrade and sometimes they’d offer you special incentives like lower pricing if you committed for a year. 

Implementing The Growth Loop Into Your Business

You can take this same conversion process (not the specific process they use, just the idea and strategy) to nurture and create buy-in with your product to keep moving them forward through the buying process. 

One thing you should notice in the Dropbox example is that it requires 0 intervention from them to move people through this process, and the goal of your conversion process is to mostly not require someone to email or take the action steps. 

Sometimes the goal of your conversion process is to get them to schedule a call with you if you’re a marketing agency, consultant, coach, hairdresser, surgeon, lawyer, etc, anything that requires an appointment and you convert them at the appointment.

You use the conversion process to nurture them by sending them useful information, guides, ebooks, webinars, lead magnets, etc and take them through a natural process to bring them from different levels of awareness down your funnel. 

And when people take specific actions like start the checkout process but they don’t buy, you retarget them with ads and use something called an abandon cart process which is email and retargeting. 

The abandon cart process is in itself a Growth Loop and one we cover in detail in Growth Accelerator.


The System

Now, when you implement a useful system for your business, this is what stacks results on top of results.

The system is the machine that runs all your Growth Loops and mixes them all together to create a journey that your potential customer enjoys and follows a natural flow of their behavior.

This is the automation process that happens depending on what action your user takes, it guides them through the journey, it lifts and moves them through each process and ensures they experience is seamless.

This process will usually be run through a CRM or sophisticated email service with automation you can build in an interface.

Here is my automation I use to nurture a potential coaching client, by welcoming them, scheduling a session, completing a strategy session survey, following up and preparing myself or my team member for the strategy session.

You can opt-in below to go through the automation and see it in action.

Automation How To Get More Coaching & Consulting Clients

Example value video to strategy session booking automation

It’s very easy to make changes to it and add more onto it and even split test different journeys like we talking about in the Experiments & Feedback in the 3rd part of the Growth Accelerator system.

You need a system that continually moves your client’s through the conversion process in an evergreen fashion.

If you have a visitor on the day you launch your system, they will go through your systems journey differently than the person who arrives 60 days after you launch your system.

The person who arrives on day 60, will be on day 1 of your journey, and the person who arrived on day 1 of your system launch, will be on day 60. 


The Scale

Scaling is the final step in “The Process” Growth Loop and great step that turns your 5 figure business into 6 figures, 7 figures and beyond.

This is the time you should consider growing your marketing team or hiring a marketing agency to bring you the traffic that converts.

You shouldn’t hire an in-house marketer or marketing company/agency until you are at this step.

Otherwise, you’ll be spending money on unsustainable growth out of your own savings because of the results from your marketing team will be terrible.

Scaling is the process of bringing in traffic from a lot of different sources into your Growth Loop and continually augmenting your process to get more conversion because you are constantly improving important business metrics.

To scale, you need to bring traffic in from a variety of sources, SEO, partnerships, affiliates, paid ads, social, and to continually optimize the targeting and process of the whole “The Process” Growth Loop to get better results week over week and month over month to year over year.

You’ll actually start back at step 1: Message because you’ll be adding more offers to your process as people move through the journey of your business.

You want people to keep buying more, stay subscribed longer, stay clients longer, so you need to continually move them through your process.

To Get More Coaching & Consulting Clients

When you implement this powerful Growth Loop, one of the dozens available, you’ll see month over month growth in your business just like venture-backed startups, without you having to raise any money.

Take “The Process” Growth Loop and start implementing it in your business.

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