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80% of new businesses fail within 18 months

The failure rate for startups is even worse.

This means that your business is more likely to fail no matter what you do.

If you're thinking that because of your experience or because X reason is different than other business owners that you'll succeed where they didn't, that's exactly what everyone else thinks too.

You take this huge risk, using your savings, putting yourself in debt, being responsible for payroll, rent, all business expenses and you'd think that society wants you to succeed.

They don't.

As we speak, your local/national government is thinking of ways to tax you more and cause more work for you through increased regulation.

Your competitors, or even your employees are thinking of ways to sabotage your business.

While you deal with all this, the most important aspect of your business is not getting the attention it needs: consistent new customers, higher conversions, and increased lifetime value of current customers.

Even when you have time to focus on this, there's too much software, too many agencies, and too much waste to effectively control the most important aspect of your business.

What Our Customers Say...

Rhea Lalla

"I'm so grateful and so thankful for the work and the time and the effort that Bobby put in, he made things simple."

Christopher Browning

"Bobby's system did very well in breaking things down into systems for me to follow that didn't waste my time trying search what I needed. It saved so much of my time. The results that I got from him faster than I could have done myself and better than I could have done myself." 

Our Journey

This was all an accident

We didn't intend to put together step-by-step training programs to help people attract customers to their business and grow their profits.

Having worked on dozens of different clients and projects, we found there were similarities that every single company had, from SaaS startups, health and fitness training, design education, mobile app creation, invoice factoring, trailer sales, casinos, health insurance companies, coaching, consulting, and other types of business shared.

They faced the same exact problem, they needed their leads and prospects to be moved through the sales process, and then they needed these customers to buy, and then they needed these customers to become repeat customers.

Regardless of what software they used, whatever their sales process was, there was a set of certain items they always needed, a compelling converting offer, a way to convert them, and a way to get them to buy more, let's call it a funnel.

Having designed dozens and dozens of these funnels, creating tens of millions in sales, this allowed us to create a replicable funnel system that takes cold/warm traffic and moves them down your sales process seamlessly.

The best part is not when I built these funnels for people, it was when I helped their team built it themselves.

They had full control and they could stop wasting money on marketing agencies and fly by night software.

They could scale and grow their marketing and growth teams and grow their profits and revenues consistently week after week.

Meet Our Team

Puts together all the systems and the processes for growth, and enjoys listening to audiobooks.

Bobby Huang, investor and teacher

Bobby Huang, Founder

Noah, Mascot

The brains, team mascot, and driver of smiles at Growthy.com

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